40 Tennyson St., Williamstown, VIC 3016, Australia
Aus: 1800 832 185 / In: +61 3 9028 0310
+61 3 9397 3400

Hoist UK

Hoist_UKHoist UK are a manufacturer and supplier of lifting and handling equipment for the industrial and entertainment market sectors.


We distribute products directly from some of the world’s leading manufacturers to offer you the best price and service possible.


We aim to meet all your supply needs; from the supply of a shackle to the design and installation of a complete lifting and handling system, we will integrate products from our suppliers range with equipment and services of our own design to create a complete project solution.


For supply and servicing of Hoist UK products in Australia, New Zealand of any of the ASEAN countries, please contact our nearest Specialty Theatre Supplies location.

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