We offer four excellent choices for your staging needs.


At Specialty Theatre, we have a number of excellent staging products that can help you achieve greater flexibility and maximum performance space at your venue. Whether you plan to leave your staging out permanently or if you have touring performances and need a durable staging option that can be easily stored, you can rely on our staging products to provide the solutions you require. We offer four excellent choices for your staging needs:

  • Stagehand
  • StageTek
  • Trouper
  • Versalite

If you have questions about which staging choice would be best for your venue or you would like to place an order, please contact us at Specialty Theatre today. We offer a wide variety of theatre equipment to meet your needs.

Staging in Sydney, NSW
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Stagehand Staging
Stagehand® Staging
StageTek Staging
StageTek™ Staging
Trouper Staging
Trouper® Staging
Versalite Staging
Versalite® Staging