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Cinema Screen Installation for the RAAF

Specialty Theatre recently completed a project for a RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) facility in New South Wales. The project required the installation of a brand new cinema screen and stage end making system. It also included the removal of the existing screen frame, as well as the installation of a new screen frame/screen surface, a side motorised masking system and stage end speakers.

The screen fame was a simple truss floating frame system with the speakers mounted on the floor. This allows the screen to look like it is floating, with black soakers (which helps soak up light from the projector) giving the picture image a sharper edge and look to it. The masking system was a 2 radio system, which is the cinema industry standard. Specifically, the Cinema Scope (CS) 2.39 ratio to Widescreen (WS) 1.85 ratio was used.

Specialty Theatre is proud to supply the RAAF base facility with the highest quality theatre components. We hope this stage end update improves the quality and efficiency of their operations.

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We have decades of experience in theatre installation and specifically cinema screen installation. Specialty Theatre can serve any theatre or cinema project and also provide planning, installation and servicing.

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