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Acoustical Equipment, Sydney, NSW

Contact us today to learn more about our acoustical equipment options for your venue in Sydney.

Acoustical Equipment in Sydney, New South WalesWhen it comes to acoustical equipment, having the right kind for the job makes a big difference. Performers and audiences deserve the best from your performance venue, and at Specialty Theatre, we have products that are designed to improve the sound, look and function of any performance centre in Sydney, New South Wales. When you come to us for all your acoustical equipment needs, you will find that we offer a range of options, including:

  • Acoustic Curtains – Typically used for recording studios, sound sets, dance, drama and music rehearsal spaces, acoustic curtains can be used in venues ranging from schools to theatres. We can even create custom acoustic curtains depending upon your application.
  • Acoustic Panels – Whether you are a teacher who needs a sound barrier or you have practice spaces that need acoustic panels for sound deadening, we have the acoustical equipment to meet your needs.
  • Sound Isolation – Using VAE Technology, we can help you achieve greater sound control by providing sound isolation options for musical rooms and venues.
  • Acoustic Shells – Acoustic shells are the perfect complement when you need to direct sound as well as provide a barrier against unwanted noise.

At Specialty Theatre, we have been assisting customers with their theatre equipment needs since 1969. We supply Wenger acoustic panels, acoustic shells, and sound isolation equipment, including acoustic isolation rooms and acoustical doors, for a variety of functions and applications. Contact us today to learn more about our acoustical equipment options for your venue. We look forward to assisting you!







Acoustical Equipment

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Diva Acoustical Shell
Diva® Acoustical Shell
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Legacy® Basic Acoustical Shells
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Legacy® Classic Acoustical Shells
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