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Lighting Bars, Sydney, NSW

We manufacture high-quality STS 140 lighting bars that will do a great job at your venue in Sydney.

Lighting Bars in Sydney, NSWIf you have ever used a lighting bar for a performance, then you know how critical it is to have something of good quality. At Specialty Theatre, we kept hearing from performance venues that the lighting bars on the market today just weren’t of the calibre they should be, so we set out to find a solution. The result of our efforts was that we designed and now manufacture high-quality STS 140 lighting bars that will do a great job at your venue in Sydney, New South Wales.

Hanging lights can be a tedious and sometimes dangerous job. Having a lighting bar that is safe, durable and equipped to provide the necessary lighting for your next show will give you peace of mind and confidence that your show will go off without a hitch.

Our STS 140 lighting bars are:

  • Made of robust steel construction and a practical design
  • A cost-effective, yet extremely strong, lighting bar solution.
  • Complete with everything needed to work as stand-alone bars or when bolted together, since multiple 2.4-metre sections can be easily joined to make larger bars.

The use of Unistrut channelling means that mounting can be easily taken care of with standard Unistrut mounting apparatus. Our lighting bars also contain two electrically and mechanically segregated compartments, one for 230V and one for Extra Low Voltage (ELV) or data transmission, and with 6 x 10A outlets mounted across one side of the bar.

Contact us at Specialty Theatre today to place your order for our lighting bars or to find out more about our other quality theatre equipment and services to meet your needs.


Lighting Bars