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Theatre Curtains, Sydney, NSW

We are happy to assist you by providing single pieces, as well as sets of theatre curtains for your venue in Sydney.

Theatre Curtains in Sydney, New South Wales
Theatre curtains come in a variety of shapes and sizes – and for good reason. They allow us to control the special effects, sound, mood, lighting, and a variety of other aspects of a show during a performance. At Specialty Theatre, we offer a complete range of theatre services from initial design to planning, installation, theatre servicing and repairs. So, when you need theatre curtains for your performance venue in Sydney, New South Wales, we are your first choice for the job.

  • New – If you are operating a brand new performance venue, you want your first show to represent everything your theatre has to offer. With our theatre curtains, you can customise them to meet your needs, and your new curtains will be as durable, safe, and efficient as the theatre itself.
  • Replacement – Additionally, if your theatre is well-established, you know that your theatre curtains may come to the end of their usable lifeline. We can assist you by providing replacement curtains for a portion or the entirety of your venue, so it has a fresh, new look.

At Specialty Theatre, we are happy to assist you by providing single pieces, such as valences and cycloramas, as well as sets of theatre curtains, such as legs, borders, and tabs. All we need from you is your requirements and specifications, and we will create and install your theatre curtains so they provide the effects you desire.

Contact us at Specialty Theatre today to request your new theatre curtains and to learn about our comprehensive services for your venue.


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