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Stage Curtains, Sydney, NSW

We take great care to manufacture and install the stage curtains you need in Sydney, regardless of your venue type.

Stage Curtains in Sydney, New South WalesStage curtains set the mood for a show the moment your first audience member steps foot in the room. Having the right stage curtains can mean a world of difference when it comes to controlling the stage between acts, providing barriers for people on stage, and setting your show up for success. At Specialty Theatre, we take great care to manufacture and install the curtains you need in Sydney, New South Wales, regardless of your venue type.

Whether you need a front-of-house curtain that acts as a sound barrier and act opener for your local theatre group or you require legs, borders, and tabs to give your stage a complete look in its wings, we can provide you with the high-quality stage curtains. We take great care to choose the proper materials for your needs and can make recommendations for the best fabrics that will give your performance space the best effect. Our goal is to help you enhance your space and create the curtains that best meet your needs.

At Specialty Theatre, we are experts in the manufacture and installation of every kind of theatre stage curtain and stage drape.  Since 1969, our sewing room has been producing the highest-quality theatre stage curtains for customers both in Australia and around the world. Whether it is a new front-of-house main curtain, masking curtains, legs and borders, backdrops or scrims, we can supply it all. Contact us today for an estimate, quote or advice about stage curtains. Your performance space will look and sound great!
















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