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Raving about new red wool curtains at Circus Oz

13307-CIR-2014-homepage_banner“Specialty Theatre were engaged to make and install wool curtains to completely surround and semi-blackout our two new rehearsal rooms in Collingwood,” said Anni Davey of Circus Oz. “The big room now has 4.3 metre black drapes all around making it possible to blackout to matinee levels all year round, and the small room–the term “small” is comparative only–has beautiful, colour-matched red wool curtains around three sides with high bay curtains at the second storey windows.”

“When completely drawn the room looks fabulous! We were very pleased with the professionalism of the work, the attention to detail (Grant Gaylor was more fussy than I was about the colour matching!), the timeliness of the delivery and the extra special attention we received” said Anni Davey of Circus Oz.


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