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Thomas Carr College

At Specialty Theatre we like to challenge ourselves from time to time and Thomas Carr College did just that.

So when the College came to us seeking assistance on a project that was a bit outside of the ordinary, we were happy to help.

They required their new facility to serve multiple purposes, one of which required almost complete darkness within the facility.

The solution offered by Specialty Theatre was a set of electric roller block out blinds. The size of the windows required that the roller block out blinds be specially measured and constructed. Once this was done the blinds were installed and commissioned.

We were glad that Thomas Carr College came to us for this project, we learned a lot and are looking forward to supplying and installing more roller block out blinds in the future.

If you would like to learn more about our products and services then please contact one of our sales team today so we can get started as soon as possible! Before you commit, if you would like to see some of other other domestic and international projects they can be viewed via the projects page on our website. Please note, that this list of projects is not necessarily exhaustive so there may be some projects we haven’t had a chance to include!

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