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Brian Ross – General Manager

Brian_Ross-General_ManagerI have been involved in both the Cinema and Live Theatre industries for the past twenty plus years and still to this day enjoy the challenges and rewards of seeing a project come to fruition.

It is always a great feeling to see something that you have designed or constructed go into a project which people will see every time they go to watch a movie or live show, not that the public would take any notice or know the effort that goes into making a cinema/theatre, they just enjoy the show.

On a personal level, i enjoy making and designing things, camping, the great outdoors, boating, fishing, flying and cars, but most of all I enjoy spending time with my family.

I have two boys under 3 which can be a handful at times, but always enjoyable and they add an energy level that it contagious and consuming.

Feel free to send me an email if you want to get in touch at b…@www.specialtytheatre.com

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