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Grant Gaylor – Project Management

Grant Gaylor – Project Management

Since stepping out of the construction industry and into the theatre and cinema field I have worked in a variety of roles. Starting out hauling gear & cutting truss for frames on a new cinema install in the back blocks of Epping Victoria to the Leading Technician of a dedicated team of installers in the sweltering humidity of South East Asia.

Now a seasoned campaigner in the theatre and cinema industry, there aren’t too many obstacles I haven’t been faced with or had to find a practical solution for.

Throughout my career I have traveled extensively. Needing to be home more a recent and welcomed transition saw me alternating between a sales and project management role and heading up more of our larger more technical fit outs.

Currently my time is taken up working on more cost effective methods for our installations while always keeping in mind that safety is of paramount importance.

Liaising between our sales team and technicians has become a fundamental skill in my new role and I am looking forward to the many challenges that lay in store for myself and the team over the next 12 months.

You can email me anytime directly on g…@www.specialtytheatre.com