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Decontamination shower curtain for new Bendigo Hospital

Decontamination shower curtainWe were delighted to be part of the new Bendigo Hospital project in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia where we were asked to supply a decontamination shower curtain for the new facility.

The heavy-duty curtain would be deployed in the event of a chemical or hazardous material spill to isolate the decontamination area.  Victims and equipment would be cleaned and decontaminated with the shower curtain capturing the spray and preventing wider contamination.

The decontamination shower curtain was made of heavy-duty reinforced PVC fabric which is PVC coating over a polyester base cloth.  The fabric is extremely long-lasting and is 100% recyclable at the end of its useful life.

We used our own heavy duty stage curtain track and runners to suspend the curtain.  The stage track is made of high-grade aluminum with an anodised finish which will last for many years even in this potentially hostile environment.



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