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Alexandrina Centenary Hall – Goolwa, South Australia

The Centenary Hall, located on the corner of Cadell and Dawson Streets in Goolwa, South Australia was built in 1930 after the Mayor of Goolwa became frustrated that the town council would not build a cinema in the town. So he paid for and built the Centenary Hall. The hall stopped operating as a cinema in the 1960s.

The Hall is now owned and operated by the Alexandrina Council and in 2010 the council undertook the decision to refurbish the hall. Specialty Theatre and Specialty Audio Visual were engaged to install the stage and blackout drapes, performance audio system, theatre communications system and video monitoring system. The project completed in early 2012.

Specialty Theatre manufactured and installed a complete set of stage drapes as well as motorized blackout drapes for the side windows.

Specialty Audio Visual installed audio, stage lighting, theatre communications and video monitoring systems that gave the hall a state-of-the-art performance space. The installation included a Biamp Nexia CS Digital Sound Processor.

Significant for Specialty Group was the installation of the new STS140 Lighting Bar which features robust, all-steel construction making it extremely strong yet reasonably priced. The light bar was deployed using CCT Lighting stage lighting fixtures.

This project was also one of Specialty’s first installations of professional audio equipment manufactured by Tannoy, one of the oldest and most prestigious audio brands in the world.

Feed back from the client has been extremely positive.


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