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Choosing the Right Acoustic Equipment for your Theatre

choosing the right acoustic equipmentAnyone who knows anything about theatre knows that acoustics are vital to a show’s success. If your actors can’t be heard up the back of the hall, or your instruments drown out vocals, your performance is affected. While some events will need to have loud sound, others will need sound dampening. Choosing the right acoustic equipment for your theatre or performance space is vital.

First, it’s important to identify any acoustical problems you may have in your audience area, such as hot spots where sound concentrates, dead spots music never reaches, and flutter echoes and excessive reverberation.

By using the right solutions, such as a combination of ceiling clouds and acoustical panels, these problems are easily solved.

Absorber Panels are suited for a wide range of music environments. They are designed to neutralize the reverberation and loudness of a room and engineered to absorb sound across a broad frequency range.

Convex Diffuser Panels are designed to scatter and blend sound, and diffuse middle- to high-range frequencies that define timbre and articulation. They come in two types, with Type II being significantly larger than Type I panels and also selectively absorbing low-frequency sound.

Quadratic Diffuser Panels are engineered to provide the most effective diffusion in the 750 Hz to 3300 Hz range and are designed as easy-to-apply ceiling in-lays.

Pyramidal Diffuser Panels are impact-resistant ceiling and wall diffuser panels, which feature an offset pyramid shape to treat specific acoustical applications.

You should also consider how the fabrics you’re using can affect the sound. If you need lighter sound dampening, draperies can be valuable tools. One of the most important considerations when using a drapery for sound absorption is the weight of the material.

Heavier materials will deaden sound better. For instance, a light muslin curtain will absorb almost no sound at all, but a curtain made from heavy velour or satin will dampen it considerably.

Performers and audiences deserve the best your performance venue is capable of delivering, so make sure you choose the right acoustic equipment.

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