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Brusan Molding Cloth Now Available in Australia

Have you spent hours building paper mache props for your school stage, theatrical production or TV set?  We certainly have.  Now here’s the answer.

Now Available in Australia

Now available in Australia, Brusan™ is an environmentally friendly, patented, novel and unique scenic product, that combines the appearance of a textile with the formable characteristics of aluminum foil. It comes in either a single sided or double sided textile lamination.

Brusan molding cloth can be painted and easily cut and sewn or glued together. It is water repellent and flame retardant. Brusan is perfect for small, as well as large, applications such as stage and television scenery, exhibit or display stands, retail display and architectural details. It is also reusable, which is perfect for touring companies or those with limited storage space for sets from past productions.

Check out how they used Brusan on the set of Game of Thrones.

We stock Brusan molding cloth here in Australia in a wide variety of textures and colours.  Please click below to go to our webstore to view and purchase from the selection: